Bill McGee: A Fighter

As business manager for the Heat and Frost Insulators, Bill McGee has fought for better wages, healthcare and benefits for his workers.  He wants to bring that spirit of hard work and a commitment to strong, principled leadership to the county council so he can fight for every resident of Northampton County.

Fighting for Better Economy:

Bills understands that family sustaining jobs are critical to making the Lehigh Valley a great place to live.

On council Bill will work to:

  • Collaborate with the Lehigh Valley Economic Development Corporation to attract new businesses and help current ones expand.
  • Work with local colleges, unions and companies to develop programs designed to prepare kids for a 21st century economy, and give them the skills to achieve the American Dream.
  • Be a watchdog for Fiscal Responsibility, Bills understands the importance of being mindful of the tax burden on our seniors and working families and its effect on the economy.

Fighting for a Better Future :

Bill knows the importance of maintaining the beauty of our parks and trails, and providing support to our most vulnerable residents from children to seniors. The success of our county depends on keeping it a great place to live.

On council Bill will:

  •  Balance growth with open space initiatives to preserve our history and the beauty of our land.
  • Maintain funding for our parks and trails, keeping the county a clean and vibrant place to live, work and raise a family.
  • Improve Human Services to our seniors and children, and working with local authorities to address the opiate epidemic through swift and collaborative action.
  • Provide funding to support Gracedale, and ensure it’s residents have quality care.  Bill believes seniors work hard and pay their share, and deserve dignity and respect in their retirement.